Course Name:

Xero Accounting

Study Mode:

Online Learning – self paced

Career pathways:

Skilled to work as a Bookkeeper, Payroll Officer using Xero Software


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    Xero Accounting Course Options

    Learn to set up and operate Xero for small business with GST reporting. Create items, record various purchase and sales transactions and reconcile accounts.

    Enrol anytime and commence the online course at your convenience, in addition, to support via student discussion forums, emails and phone.

    Online course cost:  RRP $420

    Manage and process payroll using Xero by learning to set up employee data as per National Employment Standards, process wages and salaries of various types of employees (full-time/part-time/casual) and reporting PAYG to the ATO.

    Enrol anytime and commence the online course at your convenience, in addition, to support via student discussion forums, emails and phone.

    Online course cost: RRP $420

    Course Overview

    Heed Education is an Education Partner with Xero Learn and is proud to offer two Xero courses:

    • Xero for small business
    • Xero Payroll

    These courses are designed and developed by industry experts to provide learners with knowledge and skill to effectively use this beautiful accounting software. Students are provided with practical case studies to assist with advancement of their career or business.

    Xero Online Course

    At Heed Education, we offer a comprehensive ‘Xero online course’ designed to elevate your proficiency in this leading accounting software. Our course equips you with the practical skills and in-depth knowledge needed to navigate Xero with confidence. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to manage your finances more efficiently or an aspiring accountant seeking to enhance your expertise, our Xero online course is tailored to meet your needs. With flexible learning options and expert guidance, you can master Xero at your own pace. Join Heed Education today and embark on a journey of success in financial management with our Xero online course.

    Xero Software Training

    Heed Education offers exceptional ‘Xero software training’ to empower individuals and businesses with the skills necessary to harness the potential of this powerful accounting software. Our comprehensive training program, led by industry experts, ensures you gain hands-on experience and insights into Xero’s features and functionalities. Whether you’re new to Xero or looking to refine your existing skills, our flexible training options cater to various needs. Enhance your financial management capabilities and stay competitive in the digital age with Heed Education’s Xero software training. Enroll today and take the first step towards mastering this essential tool for modern accounting.

    Heed Education offers this course Australia wide, including New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

    Course Features

    Certificate of Achievement
    Course Duration
    3 Months access to the course
    Delivery Method
    Online Learning - self paced
    Certificate of Achievement by Heed Education
    Level of Achievement
    Intermediate level of knowledge
    Awarded By
    Heed Education

    Pre-requisite units and entry requirements

    There are no formal education entry requirements for this course. However, it would be advantageous to have a general understanding of bookkeeping/business transactions but not necessary.

    Minimum Age

    Minimum age entry requirement is 15 years

    Computer specification and requirement

    To complete an online self-paced course (distance learning environment), students will require the following resources:

    • A functional computer/laptop (Windows or Mac) with currently supported version of Windows or Mac Operating System;
    • Computer/laptop installed Microsoft office 2010 or above;
    • In-built speaker & microphone or external headsets;
    • Internet;
    • Smart phone.

    Computer/Digital skills

    A significant portion of the course is completed through online learning hence students are expected to have the following computer/digital skills:

    • File Management: create and manage computer files (Microsoft Office, PDF documents, audio, video files etc.) including how to find, download, copy, rename, recover, print, scan and organize your files;
    • Use of internet and email (including selecting and using web browsers, and using email);
    • Use of cloud storage solutions (For e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive).

    Please note Heed Education staff are not able to provide technical support regarding system setting and essential computer management and maintenance tasks.

    Textbook and other information

    Course cost includes access to e-texts (only).

    Xero for small business course includes:

    • Setting up an organisation in Xero with introduction to basic settings for an organisation
    • Conversion dates, tax rates
    • Invite user and change user roles
    • Setting up chart of accounts, contacts
    • Creating inventory items for sale/purchase
    • Track inventory items
    • Creating quotes, invoices and various other related functions
    • Dealing with customer payments (analyse, receive, batch payments, send statements, enter invoice and payment in one step etc.)
    • Adjusting invoices
    • Process and issue credit notes
    • Purchasing from suppliers (GST, GST Free and part GST purchases)
    • Asset purchases
    • Creating purchase orders, converting a purchase order to a bill and edit
    • Recording supplier payments
    • Bank reconciliation with cash coding, bank rules and much more
    • Generating various reports
    • Petty cash
    • Journal entries
    • End of financial year rollover
    • Reconciliation of various accounts
    • GST reporting
    • Run Simpler BAS
    • Customising templates

    Xero payroll course includes:

    • Setting up payroll by creating organisation, adding bank account, setting up calendar, holidays, pay items, allowances, deductions, leave items, superannuation, employee & tax details, entitlements, pay templates and much more.
    • Mange and process payroll by following company procedures & processing pay runs
    • Set salaried employees, salary sacrifice for super
    • Reconcile payroll amounts
    • Process payment of leaves and deductions
    • Process PAYG withholding
    • Set up Simpler BAS
    • End of payroll year procedures
    • Setting up Single touch payroll

    Learn to operate Xero with setting up organization, chart of accounts, recording transactions, reconciliation accounts and managing payroll. Course includes step by step instructions with dedicated support and access to Xero accounting software.

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