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Taxation Law for Tax Agents Skill Set

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Tax Agent

tax accountant

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    Key Benefits

    TPB Approved

    TPB approved Taxation Law for Tax Agents Skill Set!


    Unlimited same-day study support from a dedicated tutor via live online support sessions, student discussion forums, email and phone.

    Industry Experts

    The course is designed and delivered by qualified trainers and assessors who are industry experts.

    Course Overview

    Do you work in the accounting or finance industry and want to gain skills and knowledge in tax law? The Statement of Attainment in Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set (Tax documentation) will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to meet the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) educational eligibility requirements. This Nationally Recognised and Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) approved qualification is ideal for accountants or those with international overseas qualifications who need to study additional units to meet the education requirements of the Tax Practitioners Board in order to become a Tax Agent.

    Heed Education offers this course Australia wide, including New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

    Course Features

    Qualification Name and Code
    FNSSS00008 Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set
    Course Duration
    6 Months
    Delivery Method
    Case studies, written question and answers, exam, projects, role plays, reports, third party report, observation, skill and knowledge tests.
    Awarded By
    Heed Education (RTO#45064)

    Pre-requisite and entry requirement

    Please note there is no formal education or entry requirement for this course but before commencement of the course, students shall be requested by Heed Education to complete a short Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) online test along with a Work Health and Safety Assessment.

    Students should hold one of the following:

    • Australian citizenship
    • Australian permanent residency
    • A valid visa for domestic study without study limitations

    Minimum Age

    Minimum age entry requirement is 15 years.

    Computer specification and requirement

    1. To complete an online self-paced course (distance learning environment), student will require the following resources:
    • A functional computer/laptop (Windows or Mac**) with currently supported version of Windows or Mac Operating System;
    • Computer/laptop installed Microsoft office 2010 or above;
    • In-built speaker & microphone or external headsets;
    • Internet;
    • Smart phone.

    2. To complete a classroom-based course (blended learning environment), the student is required to bring (bring your own device) the following resources to the classroom as Heed Education does not provide electronic device:

    • A functional laptop (Windows or Mac**) with currently supported version of Windows or Mac Operating System;
    • Laptop installed with Microsoft office 2010 or above;
    • In-built speaker & microphone or external headsets;
    • Smart phone;
    • Any required cables or chargers;
    • Backup device (USB/External hard drive).

    Computer/Digital skills

    A significant portion of the course is completed through online learning hence students are expected to have the following computer/digital skills:

    • File Management: create and manage computer files (Microsoft Office, PDF documents, audio, video files etc.) including how to find, download, copy, rename, recover, print, scan and organize your files;
    • Use of internet and email (including selecting and using web browsers, and using email);
    • Use of cloud storage solutions (For e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive).

    Please note Heed Education staff are not able to provide technical support regarding system setting and essential computer management and maintenance tasks.

    Textbook requirement

    Textbooks are required to be purchased from the nominated suppliers to complete a course with Heed Education. The total cost will vary depending on the following factor(s):

    • Choice of either electronic or paperback copy format.

    The textbook cost* can be between $60 to $95 (approx.) per unit. Textbook purchase information including supplier detail, discount codes (if applicable) etc. is provided at the time of enrolment.

    Students are provided access to the learning support material, assessment and any supporting documents with supplementary information via online learning platform upon enrolment.

    *The textbook cost may vary at the publisher’s discretion.

    Exam for TPB approved units

    Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) approved units include an exam component, which needs to be independently supervised. Students are required to arrange for an independent supervisor if they have not completed an assessment in a supervised classroom environment at Heed Education’s classroom.

    If a student is unable to arrange an exam supervisor, then Heed Education can arrange supervision via their virtual classroom e.g. Zoom/Click Meetings. An additional cost may apply. Kindly refer to the Additional Fees and Charges section in the Student Handbook.

    The supervisor can be a person of responsibility e.g. a Justice of the Peace, Practicing Accountant (CA/CPA/registered BAS/Tax Agent), Police Officer, Doctor, Nurse, Lawyer, Trainer and Assessor/teacher etc. The supervisor MUST NOT be a family member, friend, reside with the student or have a close personal or professional relationship with the student.

    To nominate an exam supervisor:

    • the student selects and arranges to nominate a supervisor.
    • student arranges for mutually suitable date/time for their exam with the nominated supervisor;
    • both the student and the supervisor complete the Exam Supervisor Nomination Form (available in the Learning Management system); and
    • student submits the completed Exam Supervisor Nomination Form to Heed Education via email ( at least one week PRIOR to the exam date.

    Exam conditions:

    • Time allowed: 3 hours for each unit exam.
    • Exam format: The exam is in the format of an online test that contains a mix of short answer questions, multiple-choice and calculation questions (similar to assessment questions.
    • Permitted materials: Student is permitted to use all the unit resources during their exam e.g., textbooks (electronic or book form), notes, calculators, stationery, computer/laptop, internet access.

    Exams must be completed within the course duration.

    Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set

    Unit Codes
    Unit Name
    Prepare tax documentation for individuals
    Prepare and administer tax documentation for legal entities

    Students can choose to pay upfront or take advantage of our payment plan option. The payment of course fees can be made to Heed Education via:

    Option 1

    Upfront payment of $1,250 payable via Direct Deposit (EFT) or Credit/Debit card*

    Option 2

    Payment plan with $400 deposit and $44 x 25 weekly instalments are payable via direct debit.

    Note: Under the payment plan option a fee of $250 is added to the course cost.

    *An additional 3% surcharge on Credit/Debit card payment is applicable for option 1.

    Heed Education’s Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set meets the education requirements to register as a Tax Agent in Australia with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) and is nationally recognised and TPB approved.

    Online Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set (FNSSS00008) | Australian Taxation Course